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Who We Are

The Nomadic Grapevine consists of a passionate cellar hand Maddison – affectionally known as Mad – and a collective team of likeminded individuals. Ranging in a variety of industry professionals, our objective is to make wine easy to understand through education, production and blogging.

Follow winemakers, not labels.

We hope to establish a supportive network connecting the industry around the world. With many of us former or current WSET students, we have a strong focus on helping those through their studies you can find access to in the Student area.


Who is Mad?

Vineyard work

Mad believes in a world where rosé is acceptable year round, the cork never breaks and there’s always a second glass. As a self-proclaimed wine geek at 25 years old, she spends her time doing a little bit of everything in the industry. From winemaking in the cellar or in retail selling bottles, her main focus is working at different wineries both locally and abroad expanding her knowledge. In between studying for her WSET Diploma, she found her passion for teaching wine classes, looking beyond the label into the winemaking, region and story behind the wine. When she’s not arms deep in grapes, she’s continuing her education through the UC Davis Winemaking Certificate program. Whether it’s hanging out with winemakers blending barrels or recommending a good bottle of red for dinner, she’s all in. Corks and all.

At Newport Coffee Co. in Newport Beach, California


Wine has always been a part of her life.  Her own obsession with wine started when she worked in the bar scene. Figuring out the #lifehack of studying wine, she started seriously learning back in 2015 with WSET. Over the past couple years, she has worked her way up to completing the Level 4 Diploma with The Grape Experience in San Francisco.