Collaborating with people is what we love to do! However, with that comes great responsibility so here is our Advertising and Promotions Policy so our readers and partners can all be on the same page.

Advertising and Promotions 

  • We will only work with content we support. We will not promote anything – paid or unpaid – we would not drink or use ourselves. This is THE most important part of our policy.
  • Any opinion we pass off on paid material will be honest and a reflection of our palettes & personal taste (which is why we only choose to post wines we LOVE) If you are looking for a technical wine tasting review, please contact us for a list of services we offer.
  • All paid content will be declared. Posts on our social media will be sponsored by with relevant hashtags, a shoutout and/or via a link to a blog post where disclosure is made.
  • If there’s no declaration – it is our own treasures we found we want to share with you.
  • We do not rate wines based on points. We will not provide a point evaluation on wines reviewed.