All wines that have been reviewed on any platform relating to The Nomadic Grapevine has been tasted by someone on the tasting team. We will not review a wine that has not been tasted personally by one of our trusted team members. If you would like for us to feature your wine, we have to taste it! This can be completed in a number of ways:

Sending us a sample bottle

– Inviting us to your winery or wine region

– Invite us to an event or restaurant where your wine is offered

Travelling is a big part of what we do here and love all things wine, food and travel. We are based in Vancouver, BC but have team members all over the world. Contact us and we can arrange something!

Wines or wineries featured on our platforms benefit from being exposed to an engaged audience geared towards wine professionals, enthusiasts and students, focusing on WSET students and alumni. Our team is constructed of a range of professionals including winemakers, sommeliers, educators and those simply just passionate about wine.

Where to send samples/invitations: Contact us at and we will send you our address details based on your location. Please specify which winery and country/region you are writing from.

Thank you for reading our policies and happy to work with you!