Grocery Stores and Trundlers

You are probably wondering what a trundler is? It is the Kiwi term for a shopping cart, trolley or handcart depending on where you come from in the world. Although there are many funny words to hear while in New Zealand, I thought I would make a little hack guide for shopping here. It is very expensive, […]

The Shire – A Hobbits Tale

I don’t even know how you start a blog post after going to The Shire. I’ll let you know right now, nothing will add up to that experience. THE SHIRE !!!! Kyle and I were both geeking out, my stomach hurt cause I was so freakin’ excited. This was our second day in New Zealand. […]

Airports: A World Without Standards, Rules or Obligations

While I am not actually living in an airport, I did consider it. You have food, free wifi, bathrooms, coffee and bars. A hostel only gives me a bed and prospective new friends. Usually, in central locations, you do get to find the above as well. There is something fascinating about airports though. So many […]

Driving in New Zealand; The Country of Roundabouts

I kid you not, we have gone through more roundabouts than I have in my entire life. That probably seems to be very naive as I did not nor have lived in Europe where they seem to be apart of the everyday life. However, being a local from the Fraser Valley in BC, I thought […]

Camping in New Zealand

While we got a campervan for the purpose of “freedom camping” we underestimated how much we would want 1. Shower 2. Wifi. There isn’t that great of a travel/international plan offered by either of our carriers, Rogers or Telus. So we decided to go with mine, Rogers for their completely unaffordable $12/day up to 15 […]

Day One in New Zealand – A Campervan’s Story of the Northland.

We left Sunday, Feb 25th from Vancouver to arrive in Auckland at 5 am Tuesday the 27th. We had skipped Monday (who needs Monday) and had 3 hours before we could pick up our home on wheels. New Zealand was actually the easiest country to get into, I wasn’t even questioned about my Visa, they […]

Make Up While Backpacking

Makeup, most girls essentials. Some more than others. While I have my own personal love for doing makeup, the obsessive need to actually wear it 24/7 is not something I have any desire to do. Whichever team you are on, doesn’t matter! Travelling with makeup can be a bitch. I remember our first road trip […]

Travelling to New Zealand – Some Thoughts Before

Hello friends ! Our next blog post takes us to New Zealand. So while many of you may know, I got a seasonal job as a harvest worker at Whitehaven Winery ! Super stoked on the opportunity to go abroad and work. While I would love for my boyfriend to come with me for the […]